Salem, Ohio



The Salem Community Foundation is committed to building a strong foundation for our community and making life better for all its citizens. The Foundation grants funds for education, scholarships, social services, community projects, and other charitable activities.

Salem Community Foundation disbursed $1,504,044 in grants during 2017!


Arts and Humanities
Charles F. Fox Memorial Fund $5,800

Emeny Endowment Fund $5,297

Summer Concert Fund $13,055 

Avanell E. Beck Scholarship Fund $15,350
Betty R. Ulicny Scholarship Fund $850
Bruce P. and Eileen J. Gordon Scholarship Fund $850
Burson - Ursu Memorial Fund $800
Charles Burchfield Art Scholarship Fund $2,000
Charles F. Fox Memorial Fund $11,930
Charles Mattevi Memorial Fund $425
Charles E. WIlliams Memorial Fund $350
Cindy Maher Scholarship Fund $300
Corinne Mackall Scholarship Fund $5,000
Dorothy Vaughan Scholarship Fund $700
Dr. Harold F. Hoprich Scholarship Fund $2,000
Gladys Thomas Nursing Scholarship Fund $2,250
H. W. and B. L. Young Memorial Fund $1,344
Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing $46,144
Hart / Litty Scholarship Fund $850
Herbert J. Hansell Scholarship Fund for Public Service $1,300
James H. Wilson Memorial Fund $2,000
Joseph P. and Donna J. Sedzmak Fund $2,500
Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley $2,500
Kent State University - Salem Campus $61,471
Lyle and Mary Biehler Scholarship Fund $3,400
Mary Byers Howett Memorial Fund $600
Matt A. and Bernice E. Melitschka Fund $450
Ministerial Scholarship Fund $13,600
Salem City Schools Scholarship Fund $3,565
Salem Community Foundation Scholarship Fund $14,150
Salem Label / Menegos Fund $850
Sam and Bernice Keener Scholarship Fund $1,700
V. Esther Odoran Memorial Music Fund $8,000

Human Services
Church Women United $15,000
SAFCO (Food for Children) $19,312
Sal and Alma Apicella Fund $30,580
United Way Services of NCC $20,000
YWCA Endowment Fund $5,5445

Public and Community Services
Anonymous Fund $3,850
Boy Scout Troop #2 $2,400
Boy Scout Troop #3 $2,300
City of Salem $1,000
Cub Scout Troop #2 $1,248
Deming Memorial Fund $29,126
Ernst P. Shaefer Scholarship Fund $784
Evelyn Lease Memorial Fund $5,400
Gary E. and Wilma L. Moffett Fund $686
Ginergerbread Day Fund $4,304
Kenneth & Ruth H. Wirtz Memorial Fund $1,399
Louis H. and Maude S. Brush Memorial Fund $2,114
Pearce Mobile Meals Fund $3,000
Raymond J. Reasbeck Memorial Fund $207,292
Salem Community Foundation General Fund $1,188
Salem Community Center $765,558
Salem Community Theatre Endowment Fund $14,424
Salem Federation of Women's Clubs $6,000
Salem Hall of Fame Fund $3,914
Salem Police Department K9 Fund $50,684
Salem Regional Medical Center - Cancer Care Center $10,000
Sophia Women's Center $2,780
Teddy Lease Keen Memorial Fund $1,500
The Cruisin Crew $32,811
The ROC of Salem $9,501
Thomas E. & Doris I. Miller Memorial Fund $14,023
YMG Charity Fund $250 
Thomas E. & Doris I. Miller Memorial Fund $14,023
YMG Charity Fund $250 
Thomas E. & Doris I. Miller Memorial Fund $14,023
YMG Charity Fund $250

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"Every dollar raised locally is expended on direct services to individuals and families in need. The Salem Community Foundation's annual financial support of $20,000 helps fulfill the mission of meeting human needs in Salem and the surrounding area through United Way Services of Northern Columbiana County."  Executive Director George W.S. Hays