General Information

The Salem Community Foundation is committed to building a strong foundation for our community and making life better for all its citizens.  The Foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that are currently registered as a State of Ohio charitable organization with the State of Ohio Attorney General's office. Grant applicants must serve people in the Salem area, have an IRS 501(c)(3) designation, and support the areas of arts and humanities, health and human services, public and community services, and education.Grants are provided through endowment funds and support a broad range of needs.


Applications For Financial Assistance Must Be Received By:

December 1, 2019 for the January 5, 2020 Grant Screening Meeting.

March 1, 2020 for the April 5, 2020 Grant Screening Meeting.

Click HERE for Grant Application (Adobe PDF Document)



GRANTS FROM 1966 - 2017


  • 1966: Salem Public Library Cultural Books
  • 1978: Centennial Pool Renovation
  • 1988: Oroshan Band Shell Renovation at Waterworth Memorial Park
  • 1998: Salem High School Elevator




  • Banquet in Salem: Meal sponsor, $3,000
  • Boy Scout Troop #3: Cargo trailer, cooking and camping equipment, and merit badge books, $12,00
  • Church Women United: "Back to School Shoe and Clothing" program, $15,000
  • Kent State University Salem Campus; 45 laptop computer and technology cart, $51,500




  • Banquet in Salem: Meal sponsor, $3,000
  • Salem Fire Department: Radios and wireless equipment, $50,000
  • Salem Historical Society: New trolley, $60,000
  • Salem Regional Medical Center: Items needed to equip two Oncology Center private rooms, $50,000




  • Gym Equipment: Salem City Schools and St. Paul School, $1,600
  • Kitchen Knives and Serving Carts: Banquet in Salem, $350
  • Role-Playing Items: Salem Public Library, $532
  • Monitor: Salem Police Department, $600


Funding Information


The Salem Community Foundation is interested in funding organizations that can demonstrate that they have planned their projects with respect to the community's overall needs.

Priority is given to projects that:

  • Reach a broad segment of the community. Request money for innovative programs aimed at meeting community needs
  • Encourage efforts to promote, coordinate, and cooperate with other organizations to provide for more efficient use of community resources and avoid duplication of services
  • Assist those citizens whose needs are not met by existing services
  • Enhance or improve agency self-sufficiency or efficiency
  • Encourage matching gifts from the community, other organizations, or the government
  • Reflect a Salem community-wide effort. Assist the disadvantaged or disabled population through self-help activities
  • Outline a comprehensive plan for continuation with funds other than foundation grants.
  • The Salem Community Foundation does not, unless designated by the donor, usually make grants:
    •  To individuals
    •  For religious purposes
    •  To support operating budgets of established organizations or programs
    •  To reduce budget deficits
    •  For endowments
    •  For conferences, scholarly research, or projects that are normally the responsibility of the organization.
    •  To federal agencies
    •  To an organization which has not yet been determined to be tax-exempt  


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