Salem, Ohio



The membership of the Salem Community Foundation consists of the organizers, the board of directors and donors. Donors are those persons or corporations who reside in the Salem area or if residing outside the Salem area continue to have an active interest in the Foundation.

The governing body of the Foundation consists of seventeen directors, the majority (nine) of whom are selected by the following public organizations: Salem Board of Education, Columbiana County Bar Association, Columbiana County Medical Association, Salem Ministerial Association, Federation of Women's Clubs, United Way Services of Northern Columbiana County, Salem Parks and Recreation, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, and Salem Historical Society. Eight directors are selected by the membership.

Salem Community Foundation directors are selected because of their integrity, knowledge of the community and ability to make fair judgments. The Foundation’s directors serve five-year terms and officers are elected annually. All serve without compensation.

2019 – 2020 Board of Directors

Selected by the Salem Community Foundation’s membership are:

Salvatore C. Apicella

Larry G. Cecil

Mark C. Equizi

Deborah B. McCulloch

Robert S. McCulloch III

Gary E. Moffett

Louis Ramunno

Howard Rohleder

John E. Tonti

Selected by public organizations are:

Steven J. Bailey - Salem Board of Education

Rev. Meta S. Cramer - Salem Ministerial Association

Karl Getzinger - Columbiana County Medical Association

George W. S. Hays - Salem Historical Society

Joseph Julian - Salem Parks & Recreation Department

Geoffrey S. Goll - Columbiana County Bar Association

Audrey C. Null - Salem Chamber of Commerce

Carolyn Caldwell - Federation of Women's Clubs

Joseph P. Sedzmak - United Way Services of Columbiana County


Current Officers

President: John E. Tonti

Vice President: Robert S. McCulloch III

Secretary: George W.S. Hays

Treasurer: Gary E. Moffett


Distribution Committee

John E. Tonti, Robert S. McCulloch III, Gary E. Moffett,

George W.S. Hays, Joseph Julian, Louis Ramunno, and Melissa J. Costa


Grant Coordinator

Melissa J. Costa


"We are very proud of the faith you, our dear friends, have placed in the Salem Community Foundation. Our dedicated directors serve with the greatest of character and integrity. Each director volunteers their time in overseeing the Foundation’s administration and governance while directing the investments and disbursements of the Foundation’s assets for the long-term benefit of the Salem area."  President John E. Tonti