Serving the Salem Area Since 1966

The Salem Community Foundation, a public non-profit charitable trust, has as its mission to improve the quality of life in Salem, Ohio, and the immediate area. The Foundation, through special grants, supports charitable, educational, scientific, literary, artistic, and civic efforts, as well as public safety, welfare, and recreational programs in Salem. The mission of the Community Foundation is to assess and meet changing community needs and interests through financial awards, and to assist donors to build and preserve enduring assets for charitable purposes.


The goals of the Salem Community Foundation are to

  • Encourage the growth of the Foundation's permanent endowment.
  • Provide a vehicle for donations from individuals, families, corporations and organizations with varied interests.
  • Evaluate and address emerging and changing community needs.
  • Serve as a neutral leader to stimulate and coordinate actions among various organizations to accomplish common objectives.
  • Make grants that are consistent with the above.


The membership of the Salem Community Foundation consists of the organizers, the board of directors and donors.  Donors are those persons, businesses or organizations residing in the Salem area or if residing outside the Salem area continue to have an active interest in the Foundation.

Governing Body

The Governing Body of the Foundation consists of eighteen directors, nine are selected by the following public organizations: Salem Board of Education, Columbiana County Bar Association, Columbiana County Medical Association, Salem Ministerial Association, Federation of Women's Clubs, United Way Services of Northern Columbiana County, Salem Parks and Recreation, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, and Salem Historical Society. Nine directors are selected by the membership. Salem Community Foundation directors are selected because of their integrity, knowledge of the community and ability to make fair judgments. The Foundation’s directors serve five-year terms and officers are elected annually. All serve without compensation.

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

2019 - 2020 Officers


  • President: John E. Tonti
  • Vice President: Robert S. McCulloch III
  • Secretary: George W.S. Hays
  • Treasurer: Gary E. Moffett

Directors From Membership


  • Salvatore C. Apicella
  • Larry G. Cecil
  • Mark C. Equiizi
  • Deborah B. McCulloch
  • Robert S. McCulloch III
  • Gary E. Moffett
  • Louis A. Ramunno
  • Howard Rohleder
  • John E. Tonti

Directors From Organizations


  • Steven J. Bailey - Salem Board of Education
  • Carolyn Caldwell: Federation of Women's Clubs
  • Meta S. Cramer - Salem Ministerial Association
  • Karl Getzinger - Columbiana County Medical Society
  • Geoffrey S. Goll - Columbiana County Bar Association
  • George W.S. Hays - Salem Historical Society
  • Joseph Julian - Salem Parks and Recreation
  • Audrey C. Null - Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Joseph P. Sedzmak - United Way of Northern Columbiana County

Grant Distribution Committee


  • John E. Tonti
  • Robert S. McCulloch III
  • George W.S. Hays
  • Gary E. Moffett
  • Joseph Julian
  • Louis A. Ramunno
  • Melissa J. Costa - Grant Coordinator